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How we're funded

Meadow Well Connected operates a mixed economy of funding, this page explains how we were funded during 2018-19 Read more

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Privacy Policy


What we do

Meadow Well Connected is a community hub which aims to create a thriving community which is a great place to live work and play Read more

Who we help

We help local people from Riverside & Chirton wards aged 8+ Read more

Why we help

We exist to help local people gain the skills, confidence and support they need to tackle the disadvantages they face. Read more

Why volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and learn new skills Read more

Ways to volunteer

Meadow Well Connected offers a range of volunteering opportunities in a wide range of settings Read more

Our partners

Positive partnership working is at the heart of our approach to maximising our impact for our community. Read more

Community cafe

Our community cafe offers home-cooked traditional food at reasonable prices Read more


We have a 5 acre community garden which can be used by local people to gain skills and grow produce Read more

Joinery workshop

Our 8 station joinery workshop, open to local residents and those with additional needs Read more

Tyne Fresh

In partnership with OPen Lab of Newcastle Universaity we offer our Tyne Fresh Open Food Network Read more

Hire space

We have a range of rooms available to hire on both a sessional and permanent basis Read more

Cooking classes

Cooking on a budget to help people learn basic cookery skills Read more

Employability services

We can support adults from North Tyneside to gain vital employability skills to set them on the path to the right job Read more