In 2014 Meadow Well Connected celebrated 20 years of work in the community


Meadow Well Connected is a safe, welcoming place where local residents can come and meet new people and gain new skills to help our community thrive.

Our purpose is work positively with local people to help create a thriving community that's a great place to live, work and play.

We believe that everyone has the ability to reach their full potential and our job is to put the right support in place to make this happen.

Our staff team is dynamic and connected to our community – with 7 of the 17 joining the staff team through a volunteering route. We work alongside 55+ volunteers and what we all have in common are our values.



We seek to build trust amongst residents, clients, staff, volunteers and stakeholders by being honest and leading by example.


Our services will be accessible to residents and we will remain open and accountable to our stakeholders.


We are responsive to the needs of the local community and will adapt our delivery to reflect change.


We will continue to find creative solutions to problems and build creativity into our approach as this encourages the engagement of our community.


Mandi Cresswell

Chief Officer

Chris Armstrong

Operations & Finance Manager

Graham Bone

Community Development & Enterprise Coordinator

Sarah McDonald

Community Development Coordinator / Play Worker

Leah-Michelle O'Sullivan

Key Support Worker

Sue Wharton

Specialist Alcohol Support Worker

Annette Patten

Wise Steps Coach

Paul Murphy

Digitally Connected Coordinator

Tony Webster

Wise Steps Coach

Andrea Johnson

Digitally Connected Assistant

Naomi Ratcliffe

Apprentice Administrator

Val Norman

Connected Pathways Assistant

Helen Collilns

Day Care Lead

Becca Howe

Seeds of Change Assistant

Kurt Dempsey

Joinery Tutor

Lisa Jobling

Connected Kids Play Worker

Norman Carr


Brendan Austin

Chair of Trustees

Kate Mills

Chair / Finance Committee

Julie Kelly

Vice Chair of Trustees

Liz Robson


James Sykes


Victor Harlow


Wendy King

Resident Trustee and Volunteer

Ian Taws

Resident Trustee


Meadow Well Connected

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