A range of statutory and non statutory training courses for the health & social care sector


All training starts at 9.30am and ends 12.30 for half day and 4.00pm for full day

Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 10/09/2018 £30.00
Moving & Handling Half Day 12/09/2018 £35.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 13/09/2018 £45.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 18/09/2018 £45.00
Safe Handling of Medication Half Day 20/09/2018 £40.00
Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 04/10/2018 £30.00
Moving & Handling Half Day 08/10/2018 £35.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 18/10/2018 £45.00
Autism Training Full Day 23/10/2018 £45.00
Emergency First Aid at Work Full Day 24/10/2018 £45.00
Safe Handling of Medication Half Day 07/11/2018 £40.00
Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 09/11/2018 £30.00
Moving & Handling Half Day 15/11/2018 £35.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 16/11/2018 £45.00
Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 05/12/2018 £30.00
Emergency First Aid at Work Full Day 07/12/2018 £45.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 11/12/2018 £45.00
Moving & Handling Half Day 12/12/2018 £35.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 14/01/2019 £45.00
Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 16/01/2019 £30.00
Safe Handling of Medication Half Day 23/01/2019 £40.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 07/02/2019 £45.00
Epilepsy Refresher Half Day 14/02/2019 £30.00
Epilepsy (Midazolam) Full Day 07/03/2019 £45.00
Safe Handling of Medication Half Day 21/03/2019 £40.00


To book onto a course or for multiple bookings please get in touch with Mandi Cresswell on 0191 341 0033 Email mandi@meadowwellconnected.org.uk



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